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When Serious Traffic Violations Endanger Your Tennessee Driving Privileges

Your Tennessee driver’s license is precious to you. The legal ability to drive gets you to your job, so you can provide for your family. When those driving privileges are at risk due to a series of traffic violations, you need a skilled defense lawyer to speak for you in traffic courts.

At the Memphis office of Jack P. Sherman, Attorney at Law, you receive the benefits of Mr. Sherman‘s legal knowledge, aggressive advocacy, personal service and reputation for results. You may need all of these qualities and credentials behind you in order to avoid suspension or revocation of your driver’s license.

Traffic tickets and parking tickets are one thing — serious moving violations such as speeding, rolling through stoplights and stop signs, reckless driving and careless driving are another. Jack P. Sherman‘s goal is to achieve the justice you deserve if law enforcement overreached in citing you for distracted driving or DUI.

Mr. Sherman listens carefully to your version of events and uses his investigative prowess to your benefit, examining police reports for any sign that officers erred in ticketing or arresting you. He knows you need to be back on the road and works hard to put you there.

Whether you travel by auto for your business, drive a commercial vehicle or depend on a motorcycle for transportation, a series of traffic violations and speeding tickets can put your freedoms and mobility at risk. Don’t let that happen without a fight. Contact Jack P. Sherman today. Your initial consultation is free. Call us now at 901-646-4270. All email inquiries are responded to promptly.