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Actor facing DUI charge

Though he has graced movie screens in comedies such as "Wedding Crashers" and "Dodgeball," he has also played characters in dramatic films such as "Hacksaw Ridge" and the remake of "Psycho." But according to a report by a Memphis TV station, actor Vince Vaughn will be in a very real courtroom after being charged with driving under the influence.

Vaughn was arrested at a sobriety checkpoint in Manhattan Beach, California, back in June.

Tennessee pastor gets judicial diversion rather than prison

As everyone knows, we all make mistakes. Sometimes those mistakes lead to criminal charges that can result in punishment. In many cases, society is better served by allowing those who acknowledge a mistake to learn from it and rebuild their lives.

That is what is happening with a Tennessee minister who has pleaded guilty to soliciting a minor for commercial sex. His criminal defense attorney recently persuaded a Knox County Criminal Court judge to opt for diversion rather than the harshest punishments the law has to offer.

Police: Ringing phone leads to more drug arrests

It takes about three hours to drive northeast of Memphis to Weakley County. A few days ago, investigators from the county sheriff’s department executed a search warrant there and seized more than a half of an ounce of crystal methamphetamine, along with meth pipes, digital scales and a loaded rifle.

A 43-year-old Tennessee man was arrested and charged with several serious crimes, including possession of methamphetamine with intent to sell and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony.

Speeding ticket defenses: Disputing an officer's presentation

Most Tennessee drivers will simply take a traffic ticket on the chin, pay the fine, pay the increased insurance premiums and accept the other negative effects of the citation. However, some motorists don't have this luxury, and they choose to fight the ticket in court.

Perhaps you already have too many points on your license and getting another ticket could cause you to lose your driving privileges. Or, maybe you can't afford the insurance rate increases that will come as a result of your ticket. Whatever the reason for fighting your traffic ticket, you may be able to dispute the police officer's presentation in court.

Memphis woman says twin was arrested on drug charges, not her

A long time ago, there was a sitcom called “The Patty Duke Show” in which two cousins were mirror images of each other. The rambunctious identical cousin got into mischief and tried to wriggle out of trouble by blaming her soft-spoken twin. Two Memphis sisters might be living a reenactment of sorts of the ‘60s sitcom.

One sister claims she is again being blamed by her identical twin for something she did not do. This time, the twin who says she’s a professional and career woman is being blamed by her twin for drug possession with intent to sell. The good twin says the bad twin was recently arrested on the drug charge and used her name instead of her own.

Tennessee man facing child abuse and drug charges

As regular readers of our Memphis criminal defense blog know, we use this space to try to bring to light incidents and issues from across Tennessee that can be interesting to people here in the city.

We read recently a newspaper account of a law enforcement investigation into an unwanted intruder that resulted in the arrest of a man on child abuse allegations and drug charges at the opposite end of the state.

Memphis police: hundreds arrested on drugs and weapons charges

Early this week, a handful of uninformed leaders of the Memphis Police Department stood around a podium with a large display of confiscated firearms before them as they announced the results of Operation Summer Heat II. The eight-week crackdown began June 9 and wrapped up early this month.

Detectives made 237 felony arrests and 203 misdemeanor arrests on a variety of drugs and weapons charges during the operation and also pursued people who had outstanding warrants. The department spokespersons said the investigation had targeted drug trafficking and illegal gun sales in “high crime areas.”

How a pain pill addiction can lead to jail

Addiction is an illness -- and just like you catch a cold by being around someone who's sick -- you can also catch an addiction by spending time around people who suffer from the same. Sooner or later, they'll ask you to pop a pill and, if you do it too many times, you could become addicted to the drug. Alternatively, you might catch this illness by having too much trust in your doctor who prescribes a highly addictive pain pill. Even after your painful condition goes away, the addiction to pain pills could remain.

Being addicted to a controlled substance like opiate-based pain pills is not a crime, but being in unlawful possession of these substances is clearly against the law. Because those addicted to controlled substances tend to obtain them, trade them and possess them in unlawful ways, people with pain pill addictions could find themselves facing serious criminal charges in court.

Report: major violent crimes continues to drop in Memphis

According to a recent report from the Memphis-Shelby Crime Commission, major violent crime in the city and county decreased over the first six months of the year when compared to totals from 2017. All four types of crime in the major violent crime category declined through the end of June 2018. The category was down 8.1 percent in Memphis from a year ago and down 6.4 percent in Shelby County.

The data was gathered by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. The major violent crime category consists of homicide, rape and sexual assault, robbery and aggravated assault.

Memphis news report: Methamphetamine revival underway

A Memphis news report begins with a dramatic pronouncement: “Meth is back.” According to Fox 13, a resurgence in methamphetamine sales and use is being fueled by “super meth labs” in Mexico. The product is cheaper and more dangerous than it was in the past and it’s starting to show up in communities across the nation.

The TV station says the drug hasn’t been revived in Memphis yet, but it is surging in popularity in small counties. One example cited is Mississippi’s Alcorn County, where the sheriff says “80 to 90 percent of our arrests for drugs are meth-related.” The county is just 100 miles from our city.

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