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Former NBA player arrested on Tennessee sex crime charges

Like many aspiring entertainers before him, Jim Farmer moved to Tennessee in hopes of launching a country music career. In Farmer’s case, he tried Nashville after spending several seasons in the NBA in the late 1980s and early ‘90s.

The former University of Alabama basketball standout was recently arrested and charged by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation with Trafficking a Person for a Commercial Sex Act.

Prosecutors: Tennessee grandmother is a drug dealer

There are two sides to every story. So it is in the case the owner of pain management clinics in East Tennessee. On one side of the story is the 53-year-old grandmother who owned and ran the clinics in a style she concedes was demanding.

On the other side of the story are federal prosecutors who say the owner essentially ran the pain clinics as drug trafficking operations in which addicts could pay for opioid prescriptions. Prosecutors say the prescriptions had two purposes: to give addicts easy access to powerful pain-killers and to make big profits for the owner and her partners.

It's possible to modify a child custody order

Things are sure to change in the years following your divorce. Your children age (and so do you), your job responsibilities change and you and/or your ex may decide to move. And that's just the start.

Your original child custody order may not be feasible until your children reach the age of 18, so it's critical to seek a modification when necessary.

Tennessee man named Tupac Shakur arrested for meth possession

He has sold more than 75 million recordings worldwide. He’s in the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame, has starred in feature films and been hailed as a groundbreaking musical artist. But Tupac Shakur was gunned down more than 20 years ago, so it was a little strange to see recent news reports that the iconic rapper – or someone bearing his name – had been arrested in Tennessee on drug charges.

According to Johnson City law enforcement officials, a 40-year-old man named Tupac Shakur was arrested after he allegedly pulled a knife on officers and was found to have in his possession methamphetamine.

Veteran Tennessee cop faces DUI charge

We have seen it here in Memphis and we have seen reports of it happening elsewhere in Tennessee: police officers who are sworn to uphold the law being charged with criminal offenses. The latest example is a veteran Chattanooga cop who has been arrested for driving under the influence.

The lieutenant was pulled over by a Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP) officer after he was reportedly spotted driving more than 20 miles per hour over the posted speed limit.

Tennessee EMT arrested for allegedly pulling gun on teen pranksters

If you find yourself suddenly confronting a dire medical situation in your Memphis home, it is likely that an EMT (emergency medical technician) will be summoned to help you get to a hospital and the care you need. EMTs are trained to remain calm in medical emergencies in homes, on the streets and in motor vehicle crashes.

A recent news report indicates that one of Tennessee's EMTs might have lost his cool, however, after teens pulled a door-knocking prank at his home. Forty-three-year-old Jimmy Robinson, Jr. was arrested after he reportedly pursued the pranksters and pulled a gun on them. He has been charged with two counts of aggravated assault, law enforcement officials said.

Charged with domestic assault and drug possession, Tennessee trooper resigns

A Memphis TV station has reported that a Tennessee Highway Patrol officer has resigned his job after his recent arrest. The trooper quit after being arrested and charged with domestic assault, aggravated assault and drug possession.

WMC reported that a utility company employee saw the officer’s wife crying outside the couple’s home. The worker called Tipton County Sheriff’s Office. Tipton County is about 34 miles northeast of Memphis.

Building a defense after failing a Breathalyzer test

As soon as you receive drunk driving charges, it is wise to begin building a strong legal defense. Unfortunately, many drunk driving defendants believe that failing a Breathalyzer test leaves them few defensive options, if any.

Failing a Breathalyzer test may make building a defense more difficult, but it is never a good idea to simply sit back and hope that the judge hearing the case is having a generous day, or that the prosecution makes a mistake in your favor. These may happen from time to time, but failing to build a strong defense only increases the likelihood of a harsh sentence.

Damage in Tennessee domestic violence allegations can be widespread

Here in Tennessee, if a heated argument between a husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend takes place and Memphis police are called and it appears that an assault has taken place, someone is going to be arrested – even if both people say that they don’t want the other charged with domestic violence.

Officers are supposed to arrest the “primary aggressor,” but they can often have difficulty determining who that might be, especially when accounts of events are contradictory. In some cases, police will arrest both people and sometimes they will arrest the person who was actually the victim in the case.

Sex crime sting results in arrests of Tennessee pair, others

The sting operation carried out by law enforcement officials resulted in two dozen arrests in a far-flung area that includes Tennessee, Wisconsin, Florida, Kansas, Georgia and Kentucky. Suspects have been charged with a variety of sex crimes, including distribution of child pornography, sexual exploitation of children, aggravated child molestation, illegal solicitation and trafficking of persons for labor or sexual servitude.

Police said additional charges in “Operation Just Cause” might be filed later.

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