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Tennessee investigator charged with marijuana possession

Shelby County’s neighbor to the northeast is Tipton County. According to news media reports, a county investigator there was himself the subject of an investigation by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation’s drug division.

The investigator was recently indicted and arrested on 28 counts of simple possession or casual exchange of a schedule VI drug. He was also charged with a single count of tampering with evidence, according to a Covington newspaper.

The role of victims in domestic violence lawsuits

When it comes to domestic violence charges, these cases move forward in criminal court, so it's not up to the victim whether the alleged abuser will face criminal charges. The victim's role in the criminal proceedings will primarily be to serve as a witness.

However, victims can take a more active role. For example, a witness might try to refuse to testify against his or her spouse. Or, the victim may choose to file a personal injury lawsuit against the alleged abuser in civil court.

Drug possession and the penalties you face in Tennessee

If you possess drugs for any reason and you do not have a prescription, you can face strict penalties. Whether the drugs are technically legal or not, you still could be charged with possessing a controlled substance.

Drug possession doesn't need to ruin your life. There are many good defenses that you can use as protection in court and to prevent your facing unfair or harsh penalties.

Memphis cops struck by drivers charged with DUI and assault

A Memphis police officer pulled a driver over in an apparently routine traffic stop in Frayser at about 11 p.m. on a recent weeknight. The four-year MPD veteran was struck by a vehicle during the stop and was listed in critical condition by doctors afterwards.

According to news reports, the driver that law enforcement officials believe is responsible for the crash near Frayser Boulevard and Rangeline Road has been arrested and charged with DUI.

False allegations of domestic abuse harms victims

When women make allegations of domestic violence, the vast majority of them are telling the truth. Sadly, many bear the scars to show it.

But there is a small but significant number of domestic violence "victims" who are not truly victims at all. The false allegations they launch against their intimate partners and spouses greatly undermine the credibility of true battered spouses.

What should I expect during field sobriety test?

Police are arresting more and more motorists for driving while intoxicated by non-alcoholic substances. These substances primarily include illegal drugs and prescription medications that negatively affect one's ability to drive.

The traditional way to test for a driver's state of intoxication is through a Breathalyzer test, but such tests won't reveal whether someone is intoxicated by drugs or medications, so officers must rely on other means to test for intoxication in the field. This is where the field sobriety test comes in. The field sobriety test is a general test of intoxication that may reveal a driver's lack of muscle coordination and thinking ability.

How reliable are Breathalyzer test results?

People who find themselves facing driving under the influence (DUI) charges in Tennessee may have many questions about the pending charges. One common concern is the accuracy of chemical breath tests. These tests, commonly referred to by the brand name Breathalyzer, are often the cornerstone of a DUI charge.

Law enforcement in Tennessee will often use a breath test to determine if motorists driving erratically have alcohol in their bodies. As these tests are relatively non-invasive, law enforcement with probable cause, such as a failed field sobriety test, can ask drivers to complete breath tests. Refusing to take the test violates the state's implied consent law, which can result in arrest and suspension of your license.

Opiates and the law: Heroin's rise in Tennessee

As you may know, the nation is in a state of crisis. Labeled as "the opioid crisis," overprescription of opiate drugs in the past has led to serious problems around the country. Once medical providers realized that patients were becoming or could potentially become addicted to opiates, they began to limit them more stringently. The problem with that is that those who were already addicted no longer had anywhere to turn to medications they needed for pain.

Instead of being able to get a legitimate prescription, some people were left struggling. That meant they had to turn to street drugs like heroin which further compounded the addiction and dependency problem.

Memphis police officer arrested after son’s drug bust

They say that there is no love greater than the unconditional love a mother has for her child. But Memphis police are accusing a fellow officer of allowing her motherly love to get in the way of proper conduct.

The mother has been charged with official misconduct and tampering with evidence, the Commercial Appeal reports. Her son was a passenger in a vehicle that was stopped earlier this year by Bartlett police. After police found more than 300 grams of marijuana and a handgun in his backpack, he was arrested on drug crime charges and a weapons violation.

Domestic violence allegations filed against Tennessee sports star

While there probably aren’t as many fans of professional hockey in Memphis as there are fans of college basketball or college football, the sport has undoubtedly grown in popularity since the Predators opened for business in Nashville 20 years ago back in 1998. While last season didn’t end with a Stanley Cup, the team had an extraordinarily successful campaign that ended in first place in the Central Division with a record of 53 wins, just 18 losses and 11 ties.

Predators fans were probably surprised when they heard the news that forward Austin Watson was recently charged with domestic violence. The 26-year-old was arrested by Franklin police, news reports stated.

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