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The possible impacts of an arrest on a college student’s future

Classes are back in session at the University of Memphis, which means students are back on campus trying to find that balance of study and recreation. Finding that homework-fun equation means they can enjoy their pursuit of degrees and career ambitions.

Unfortunately, some students will have their academic pursuits and career goals put in serious jeopardy by an arrest. No matter what the criminal charge a college student might face, it can put an end to education and professional dreams and hopes if it results in a conviction.

Former Memphis cop accused of DUI, assault

One the very day that Martavious Banks was released from jail, the former Memphis police officer who was accused of shooting at him found himself in legal trouble. Former cop Jamarcus Jeames was arrested on a DUI charge, and also accused of assault and public intoxication.

Law enforcement officials said Jeames was involved in a 3 a.m. fight at a convenience store.

Your memory changes: The legal implications

Have you ever talked with a friend about something you did together? It can be a simple thing. Maybe you went kayaking together a few summers ago, and you camped at the end of the trip. You remember that it was a warm and sunny day, and you remark to your friend on how lucky it was that you got such great weather.

Your friend gets confused. She says that it rained that night. It was sunny for part of the day, but you certainly didn't have ideal weather. She remembers it much differently than you.

Tennessee football player faces domestic violence charges

Memphis Tiger fans are looking forward to the kickoff of the new season against the SEC’s Ole Miss. While that match-up has people excited here, we know that elsewhere in the state University of Tennessee fans are looking forward to a season-opening contest between the Volunteers and the Georgia State Panthers.

While the Vols are decidedly favorites in that contest, they will open the season without sophomore starting cornerback Bryce Thompson, who has been suspended indefinitely by coach Jeremy Pruitt after Thompson’s recent domestic assault arrest.

DEA: 155 arrested in Tennessee on federal drug trafficking charges

Crystal methamphetamine typically looks like pieces of glass or blue-white rocks. The addictive stimulant was at the heart of a recent federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) enforcement action dubbed “Operation Crystal Mountain.”

The DEA combined with state and local police agencies in Tennessee, Kentucky and West Virginia in making 235 arrests on federal drug trafficking charges. According to a news report, 155 of the arrests were here in Tennessee.

Tennessee “Rock Doc” faces drug-trafficking allegations

It takes a little over an hour to drive northeast of Memphis to Jackson, Tennessee. The blue-collar city of about 65,000 isn’t the home of famous movie or music stars, but law enforcement officials say a Jackson nurse practitioner who dressed like a rock star and tried to launch a reality TV series about himself was more than a colorful local character.

The Jackson clinics operated by Jeffrey W. Young II were a façade, federal prosecutors allege. The nurse practitioner was really a drug dealer, they say, prescribing more than 1.4 million addictive pills and approximately 1,500 fentanyl patches in a three-year period. Earlier this year, Young was arrested on drug trafficking charges.

Tennessee cop’s career on the line after DUI arrest

Though he was wearing a grin at the time his mugshot was taken, it seems likely that the smile disappeared after the Tennessee police officer thought a bit more about the legal trouble he’s facing. Arrested recently for driving under the influence of alcohol, the 43-year-old veteran cop has been suspended from his job without pay.

Perhaps even more significant is the fact that he refused to perform sobriety tests and to submit to a blood or breath test. As regular readers of our Memphis criminal defense blog know, Tennessee has an implied consent law, which means that those who refuse a BAC (blood alcohol content) test have their driver’s license revoked for a full year.

Tennessee cop, boyfriend face domestic violence charges

It is the very definition of a “he said, she said” situation: a couple argues, tension escalates and then police are called. Both accuse the other of being physically abusive, but because the only witnesses to the incident are the man and woman, it is virtually impossible for an outsider to know for sure what really transpired.

We read recently of a Tennessee police officer who finds herself at the heart of one of these heated disputes. She’s not there as a law enforcement officer, however, but as an alleged participant. She and her boyfriend are now both accused of domestic violence.

Coping emotionally when you are separated from your child

If you have recently separated from your child's other parent, you will likely not be seeing your child as regularly as before. This can be difficult for any parent, especially if they believe the other parent is intentionally or maliciously preventing them from building a parent-child bond.

While feelings of resentment, anger and rage can build from not being able to see your child, it is important that you keep calm and act logically. As long as you can prove that you are the parent, you can go through the legal system to petition for custody. Generally speaking, you will be awarded some form of custody as long as you are not deemed to be a threat to the well-being of your child.

Tennessee woman faces DUI charge in wrong-way crash

Anyone who walks away from a wrong-way crash on an interstate highway is fortunate to escape intact. We read recently of a woman east of Memphis who was arrested on suspicion of DUI after law enforcement officials said she caused a wrong-way wreck on Interstate 40.

Nashville police said the woman drove her vehicle the wrong way on the highway and hit a tractor-trailer. Neither driver suffered serious injuries, a newspaper account stated.

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