Memphis Firm Defends Clients Charged with Domestic Violence Crimes

Tennessee firm assists people accused of harming family members

At Jack P. Sherman, Attorney at Law, I am an experienced Memphis lawyer who represents Tennessee clients accused of domestic violence and other forms of abuse where a family member, dating partner or roommate is the alleged victim. These cases can be difficult to defend and highly volatile, but I work with each client personally to learn about the existing relationship and the events that led up to the allegations. In every case, my form works diligently to avert an unjust result that could land the defendant in jail and also affect their long-term home life and work prospects.

What constitutes domestic violence?

Domestic violence can comprise a wide range of alleged misconduct perpetrated against someone with whom the defendant has an existing relationship. This might be a current or former spouse, a child, parent, sibling, roommate, relationship partner or ex. Specific activity that might trigger a domestic abuse allegation include:

  • Assault — Any assault charge is serious, but a specific charge of domestic assault carries tougher penalties than a standard count. These cases can arise from claims of hitting, kicking, throwing objects or sexual mistreatment.
  • Stalking — Persistent actions designed to intimidate someone, such as following them or making repeated phone calls, can trigger a stalking prosecution.
  • Harassment — Even when no physical contact takes place, a family member or relationship partner might be subject to a harassment charge if they engage in emotional or financial abuse.

Along with criminal sanctions, an individual accused of domestic violence might become the target of a civil order preventing them from seeing or contacting the alleged victim. My firm will explain all of the relevant legal issues to you and work to help you avoid unjust punishment.

Penalties in domestic abuse cases

Domestic assault cases are usually prosecuted as Class B misdemeanors when the allegations concern harassment or other misconduct that does not involve the use or threat of physical violence. These counts are punishable by a maximum six-month jail sentence. Making unwanted contact or putting a victim in the imminent fear of physical violence is likely to trigger a Class A misdemeanor charge that could lead to nearly 12 months of incarceration. Penalties can also be increased for multiple offenders. Felony aggravated assault cases where serious bodily harm is inflicted on a victim are punished more severely in domestic cases.

Understanding your conditions of release

Even after serving a domestic violence sentence, you will still face numerous potential consequences, so it is worthwhile to contest the charge if you believe you did nothing wrong. The conditions of your release might require you to stay away from the purported victim, and possibly even your children. Individuals convicted of domestic assault also cannot legally own guns and might be excluded from working certain jobs. Violating the law or your specific conditions of release could lead to further incarceration.

What defenses against domestic violence charges might apply in your case?

Allegations of domestic violence frequently stem from emotional conflicts between people who have a long history together. When defending individuals accused of harming or threatening a partner, I strive to examine the relevant facts carefully and to disprove incorrect or misleading accusations that came out of the heat of the moment. I know how much an allegation of this type can affect you well beyond the end of any legal proceeding. An unfair outcome could shatter your reputation and even affect your ability to spend time with your children, so I push back against unwarranted claims and press for a proper outcome.

Contact a Tennessee defense lawyer if you’ve been accused of domestic violence

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