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Divorce is a difficult time both for spouses involved and their families. As a family law attorney with 20 years of legal experience, I seek to ease the divorce process for my clients by seeing that their interests and those of their children are represented and protected. At Jack P. Sherman, Attorney At Law in Memphis, I represent individuals in Shelby County and surrounding areas of Tennessee in divorce proceedings and advocate for them in negotiations and litigation related to marriage dissolution.

The difference between contested and uncontested divorce

A contested divorce is when spouses do not agree on all areas of divorce. When spouses are in disagreement, the court will decide the issues. In uncontested divorce, spouses agree on all the key issues such as property division, child custody, alimony and child support between themselves or with the help of their attorneys and present their settlement agreement to the court. Uncontested divorce is typically faster and less expensive than a contested divorce. My law firm can fight for your interests in court if your divorce is contested or work to finalize a settlement agreement.

Child custody and visitation rights

Child custody and visitation decisions are made based on what is in the best interests of children. Judges consider a variety of factors to decide legal custody and physical custody. Generally, the courts seek to have both parents involved in making important decisions for their children so they prefer to award joint legal custody, unless there are factors at play that present a risk to the child. When it comes to physical custody, the child may spend more time with one parent and the other parent may be granted visitation rights. The noncustodial parent typically has visitation and pays child support to the other parent. I will advocate strongly for you and the best interests of your child in custody decisions.  

Division of marital assets and debts

Tennessee is an equitable distribution state, so the court will not necessarily try to divide marital assets down the middle, but rather in a way that is fair to both spouses. Marital debts are also to be divided in a fair and equitable way. Separate property, which includes assets that spouses brought to the marriage, were gifted to or inherited by one spouse during marriage, or that were protected through a valid prenuptial agreement, is not subject to division. The same generally goes for debts brought to a marriage.

Spousal support and temporary support

If spousal support is being requested, the judge will consider the financial means of both spouses in deciding whether to award it. Support may be temporary, such as transitional support that helps lower earning spouses adjust to divorce, or longer term. My law firm will aggressively advocate for you whether you are asking for support or may be required to pay it.   

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