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Being investigated for a white-collar crime can ruin your reputation. Being convicted of one can wipe you out financially and send you to prison. At Jack P. Sherman, Attorney At Law in Memphis, I advocate for Tennessee clients throughout Shelby County who are being investigated and prosecuted for white-collar crimes like embezzlement, insider trading, racketeering and RICO crimes and other serious and complex federal and state matters. As an aggressive criminal defense lawyer with 20-plus years of experience, I do not back down when my clients’ reputations and freedom are at stake.

What are different types of white-collar crime?

White-collar crimes don’t involve violence and usually relate to financial matters. According to the FBI, they “are characterized by deceit, concealment, or a violation of trust.” They can be committed against other individuals, companies, the government or the securities market. Some of the more common types of white-collar crimes include the following:

  • Embezzlement is when a person who is trusted to handle money steals from an employer, investor or other person or entity.
  • Extortion, in simple terms, means using threats or other means to get money or property from another person.
  • Insider trading is a type of securities fraud in which individuals invest in stocks that they have “inside” information about.
  • Tax evasion involves intentionally failing to pay taxes or file a return.

No matter what kind of white-collar crime you are accused of, I will investigate the facts to build a strong defense.

Racketeering and RICO crimes

RICO is the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, which is a federal law that was originally put in place to combat organized crime. Today, in addition to offenses typically associated with organized crime, a wider variety of crimes are prosecuted under the RICO act. These prosecutions could involve alleged copyright infringement, college admissions cheating, obstruction of justice, gun and weapon crimes and other offenses.  

What should you do if you are being investigated or have been arrested?

If you discover you are being investigated for a white-collar crime, get legal help right away, even if you have not yet been arrested. The sooner your attorney can investigate the evidence against you, the sooner a defense can be developed to counter the allegations, and possibly even head off potential charges. As a skilled criminal defense attorney with more than two decades of experience, I can review the facts in your case to craft a strategic defense.  

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