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Being investigated for a white-collar crime can ruin your reputation. Being convicted of one can wipe you out financially and send you to prison. At Jack P. Sherman, Attorney at Law in Memphis, I advocate for Tennessee clients throughout Shelby County who are being investigated and prosecuted for white-collar crimes like embezzlement, insider trading, racketeering and RICO crimes and other serious and complex federal and state matters. As an aggressive criminal defense lawyer with 20-plus years of experience, I do not back down when my clients’ reputations and freedom are at stake.

Types of white collar crimes

White-collar crimes don’t involve violence and usually relate to financial matters. According to the FBI, they “are characterized by deceit, concealment, or a violation of trust.” They can be committed against other individuals, companies, the government or the securities market. Some of the more common types of white-collar crimes include the following:

  • Embezzlement — Prosecutors can bring an embezzlement charge when they believe that someone has misappropriated funds that were under their control as part of their job or another position of trust. Like other theft charges, embezzlement is a felony count if the amount at issue exceeds $500.
  • Money laundering — Using proceeds of unlawful activity in a transaction subjects someone to serious penalties under state and federal law. Prosecutors must show that defendants had knowledge that the funds in question stemmed from criminal misconduct.
  • Fraud — Various forms of misrepresentation can trigger a fraud prosecution. Even communications in furtherance of a dishonest scheme can add counts for mail or wire fraud. My firm defends clients in a full range of these cases, including matters involving alleged bank, insurance, mortgage and healthcare fraud.
  • Extortion — In simple terms, extortion is defined as using threats or other means to get money or property from someone else.
  • Insider trading — Taking advantage of nonpublic information you have acquired to make a profit on the purchase or sale of stocks could constitute securities fraud. 
  • Tax evasion — These cases relate to an alleged failure to pay taxes or file a required return.

No matter what kind of white-collar crime you are accused of, my criminal defense firm will thoroughly review the facts to challenge the government’s case.  

Racketeering and RICO crimes

RICO is the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, which is a federal law that was originally put in place to combat organized crime. Today, in addition to offenses typically associated with organized crime, a wider variety of crimes are prosecuted under the RICO act. These prosecutions could involve alleged copyright infringement, college admissions cheating, obstruction of justice, gun and weapon crimes and other offenses. 

Possible penalties in white collar prosecutions

Though white collar crimes don’t involve violence, a conviction on one of these charges carries the same negative short- and long-term consequences as any other offense. Upon conviction, you might be sentenced to prison and compelled to provide substantial restitution. Moreover, a criminal conviction might disqualify you from a wide range of jobs or other positions involving an element of trust. Before you decide whether or not to push back against an allegation of white collar crime, you should understand the potential effects of accepting the government’s offer.  

Defenses that could be raised in a white collar case

Your ability to get the job you want or support your family could be permanently harmed if you’re found guilty of a white collar offense. However, there are defenses you can utilize against these types of charges. Many of these prosecutions rely on complex data that might have been misinterpreted by authorities. An embezzlement case could be premised on an honest disagreement about the employee’s authority in financial matters. You can count on me to find the best way to counter the accusations leveled against you, but it is important to start building your defense as soon as possible. Once you are aware of an investigation against you, it’s time to retain legal counsel.

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