Tenacious Memphis Attorney Defends Individuals in Gun Crimes Cases

Aggressive lawyer advocates for clients accused of various weapons-related crimes

The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution allows people the right to keep and bear arms. But if you use a gun to commit a crime or are a convicted felon caught with a gun, you could go to prison and face other stiff penalties. At Jack P. Sherman, Attorney At Law in Memphis, I have spent 20 years defending Tennessee residents accused of various offenses, including gun and weapon crimes. When you need help to fight these charges, you can trust me to aggressively stand up for you against police and prosecutors. My law firm represents residents of Shelby County and surrounding areas.

Convicted felon in possession of a gun or weapon

If you are a felon in Tennessee, you cannot own or possess any kind of firearm if you were convicted of a violent felony offense or of attempting to commit a violent crime such as homicide, aggravated robbery, carjacking, kidnapping or other wrongdoing. You also cannot possess a gun if you were convicted of any crime in which you used a deadly weapon. Deadly weapons in Tennessee are defined as firearms, large knives, brass knuckles or even baseball bats or other potentially dangerous items depending upon how they were used. Convicted domestic violence offenders also cannot possess guns, nor can individuals who are restricted by orders of protection involving alleged domestic abuse, sexual assault or stalking. If you are a felon or another individual who was arrested for illegally having a gun, I will vigorously defend you against the charges.  

Using a gun to commit a crime substantially increases penalties

If you are accused of using a gun or other weapon in commission of a crime, your sentence if you are convicted will most likely be substantially enhanced. As just one example, if you allegedly use a gun while committing assault, you will be charged with aggravated assault. Assault carries a penalty of up to a year in jail and up to a $2,500 fine. Aggravated assault on the other hand carries up to a 15-year prison term and up to a $10,000 fine. When you have been accused of using a gun to commit a crime, my criminal defense law firm will work diligently toward getting you the best outcome possible based upon the circumstances of your case.  

Contact a gun and weapon crimes attorney in Memphis for help

Jack P. Sherman, Attorney At Law in Memphis, stands up for Shelby County individuals in the full range of gun crimes cases, including fighting for convicted felons in Tennessee who have been arrested for possessing firearms and people accused of violent crimes that involved weapons. To schedule a free consultation, call my firm at 901-233-3474 or contact me online