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Aggressive Tennessee lawyer handles murder and manslaughter cases

There were over 600 murders in Tennessee in 2020 alone. If you are accused of this serious crime, your most important concern should be finding a proven attorney who has experience handling homicide cases. At Jack P. Sherman, Attorney at Law, I am an accomplished Tennessee lawyer with more than 20 years of experience protecting the rights of clients accused of violent crimes and all types of other offenses.

Homicide classifications in TN

Specific homicide counts in Tennessee law include:

  • First-degree murder — The most serious murder charge under Tennessee law is reserved for cases where the alleged homicide is premeditated, caused by a bomb or committed in the course of another violent felony. A conviction could result in life imprisonment, or even the death penalty if an aggravating factor exists.
  • Second-degree murder — Sentences for second-degree murder can run for between 15 and 60 years. These cases involve killings where the alleged defendant knowingly committed the act that led to someone else’s death though it was not planned in advance.
  • Voluntary manslaughter — Homicides that occur while the defendant was in the heat of passion can be charged as voluntary manslaughter if the provocation was reasonable. The sentence for this count lasts from three to 15 years.
  • Reckless homicide — Behavior that consciously disregards the safety of others can lead to a reckless homicide prosecution charge if someone dies. This is a Class D felony where a defendant who is convicted could spend between two and 12 years behind bars.

Whatever the specific charge is in your case, I can get to work immediately to safeguard your rights and fight back if you are being overcharged.

Accomplished firm has the resources to develop strong legal arguments

Prosecutors devote significant resources to homicide cases, and you need a criminal defense lawyer who can represent you with the same determination and effectiveness. My firm consults with investigators and experts to challenge the narrative presented by authorities. If necessary, we can bring on investigators and experts to find and analyze evidence related to fingerprints, DNA material, blood stains, footprints and ballistics. Whether your case requires crime scene reconstruction, medical record analysis, arson investigation or an independent cause of death report, you can count on me to take the necessary steps to develop the strongest possible argument.

Potential defenses in a Tennessee homicide case

There are many potential defenses that could defeat a homicide charge. If you reasonably believed that you were in imminent danger of death or serious bodily injury, the use of deadly force can be justified under Tennessee’s self-defense law. Unlike some other states, there is no duty to retreat if you are in potentially lethal danger. You might also be a victim of mistaken identity or charged with murder due to a tragic mistake. Regardless of what the police report says, I will investigate the facts in detail to identify what possible defenses exist in your case.

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