Not all domestic abuse claims are true, but they are dangerous

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2016 | Uncategorized

Our previous blog post discussed the severity of domestic violence accusations in Tennessee. One important point we made is how a claim of domestic abuse will send someone to jail — before all facts are evaluated. 

That reality of the current legal process has put a man in prison for too long. Anyone working with the domestic violence case, including the district attorney, asserts that the man is innocent of the charges that landed him in prison. 

His wife’s admitted lie got him arrested, charged with domestic violence and behind bars. Now he is stuck in custody until a slow appeals process can properly free him. 

This specific case is proof of how arguments or disagreements between romantic partners and family can get out of hand. Emotions can get so extreme that someone would stoop to the low level of making a false allegation of abuse or attempted violence. 

In this instance, the wife admits that she lied when she told police her husband pulled a gun on her. She has gone so far as to plead guilty to perjury. Still, the reckless action of lying about the domestic violence leaves her husband, an innocent man, in prison, awaiting an appeals process that undoubtedly feels too slow for comfort. 

So far, the Tennessee man has spent about two years in prison, one of those years having been served since his wife confessed that she lied. For him, justice might feel a bit too costly once he is finally freed. 

Hopefully, if you or someone you love is accused of domestic violence, justice will come your way sooner than it hopefully will for this man. A crucial component to that swift justice is relying on the aggressive, knowledgeable legal help needed in this kind of criminal case.