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December 2016 Archives

Tennessee marijuana laws and DUI charges

It is no secret that marijuana use is becoming more mainstream in America these days. After the most recent election cycle, over half of the states in the nation allow for the legal use of cannabis for medical purposes and 8 states allow for the recreational use as well. Tennessee, however, is not one of these states and marijuana use can still result in severe penalties, especially if it is associated with the operation of a vehicle.

Tennessee rape case takes on wider social media questions

While many of us use social media on an everyday basis, the ethics of social media in terms of its role in criminal law remain somewhat of a mystery. A Tennessee case wherein UT football players are accused of rape is bringing this gray area to public light.

What are other types of sex crimes charges in Tennessee?

We outlined some basic definitions of some Tennessee sex crimes in a previous post. There are various other charges of sex offenses that someone can face, though. This post will outline a couple more of those offenses and what constitutes such crimes. 

The Tennessee divorce process

Divorce is known to be a long, stressful, and often complex process. There are many steps a couple must take before they can officially divorce, so the whole thing can seem very overwhelming. Some may not even know how to take the first steps in initiating a divorce. Here is the basic process of what a divorce looks like, and the steps couples should know about when considering it.

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