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Shelby County deputies accuse man of stealing rental deposits

People in search of a nice Memphis apartment often turn for help to property management companies that can offer a variety of rental possibilities. Sometimes the assistance is not what it might seem, however. Shelby County Sheriff's deputies recently arrested a man accused of posing as a leasing agent in order to get potential renters to give him their rental deposits. A Memphis TV station reports that he has been charged with two counts of theft of property of $1,000 to $2,500, as well as two counts of criminal simulation.

Pressure on Memphis VA to fire woman after DUI

She has been punished, but some members of the media have decided her punishment was insufficient. An employee at the Memphis Veteran Affairs facility recently completed a 60-day jail sentence for a DUI conviction.But several media outlets -- including the Tennessean and the Daily Caller -- have run large extensive articles on the 32-year-old. Clearly, the pressure is on the VA to fire her though she paid her debt to society.

Memphis police officer arrested for domestic violence

It happens across the spectrum of society. Johnny Depp has been accused of domestic violence and so have Sean Penn and Mel Gibson. So have NFL stars such as Adrian Peterson and Adam Jones and baseball players such as Jose Reyes and Jeurys Familia. Some of those accused were later vindicated, some convicted and some came to agreements with prosecutors or accusers. There are, of course, many ordinary people who never make the headlines who face accusations of domestic violence. Add a Memphis police officer to the list.

Memphis police accuse letter carrier of delivering drugs

The Memphis Police Department spent 7 months on the investigation they called Operation Wait A Minute Mr. Postman. The probe resulted in 25 indictments announced with the Shelby County District Attorney's Office earlier this week. Among alleged gang members arrested on felony drug-related charges: a letter carrier with the U.S. Postal Service. Fourteen people were arrested, while another 11 are still being sought. 

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