Pressure on Memphis VA to fire woman after DUI

On Behalf of | May 22, 2017 | Uncategorized

She has been punished, but some members of the media have decided her punishment was insufficient. An employee at the Memphis Veteran Affairs facility recently completed a 60-day jail sentence for a DUI conviction.

But several media outlets — including the Tennessean and the Daily Caller — have run large extensive articles on the 32-year-old. Clearly, the pressure is on the VA to fire her though she paid her debt to society.

A man identified as a “Memphis VA whistleblower” said the woman was being paid while in jail, using allegedly donated leave time. However, a VA spokesperson disputes the claim, saying “she was not using donated leave.”

The VA allows employees to transfer leave to employees who are dealing with a medical emergency. There are no other circumstances under which leave can be donated, the Tennessean said.

The whistleblower said the woman is an interior designer who procures furniture and office supplies for the hospital. He also told the newspaper that the woman has previous DUI charges going back to 2009.

However, court records indicate that her court cases go back to 2011.

The VA’s director was ousted last year for “under-performance.” A new director-CEO recently took over management of the facility.

As we can see in this situation, the punishment for a drunken driving violation can extend beyond jail time, fines and a loss of your driver’s license. Sanctions can extend far beyond the legal system and include a person’s job and more.

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