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June 2017 Archives

Memphis TV station highlights injustice in drug arrest

Memphis Channel 13's news reports that a man who was pulled over in March thought he might be facing a traffic ticket for driving without headlights. But the routine traffic stop began to turn into a legal nightmare almost immediately. The man wound up spending months in jail for an alleged drug crime that involved nothing more than drywall residue.

Police: Tennessee man's DNA led to Memphis burglary arrest

According to law enforcement officials, DNA evidence recovered at the scene of a convenience store burglary in early 2016 has resulted in an arrest of a Tennessee man in June of 2017. The Alabama store is about 150 miles east of Memphis on Highway 20 in Florence.

Parents accuse Memphis-area Scout leader of sex crimes with son

The Boy Scouts' motto is "be prepared." Law enforcement officials say a former Scout leader and Cub Scout den mother should be prepared to spend time behind bars if she is convicted on charges of sexual indecency with a child and child pornography.

Memphis police: Thieves ran off with Nike shoes

We do not know if the sneakers were imprinted with the name of Michael Jordan, LeBron James or even comedian Kevin Hart. All endorse Nike shoes. One thing Memphis police say they know: the shoes didn't just walk off by themselves. Someone stole the footwear from a big rig's trailer parked in a Southeast Shelby County lot. According to law enforcement officials cited by News Channel 3, someone first cut a hole through the parking lot fence, then sawed off the trailer's lock, made their way inside and removed at least 12 cartons of Nike shoes valued at more than $14,000. At the time this blog post was written, no one had been charged with theft in the case.

Video of Tiger Woods' DUI arrest released

A few days ago, Memphis TV stations joined networks around the nation in broadcasting news that stunned the sports world: Tiger Woods had been arrested. The golf icon was arrested for driving under the influence near his Florida home.Shortly after the news of the arrest broke, Woods released an apology along with a statement that he had not been drinking. He said he had experienced an unusual reaction from prescribed medications. Law enforcement seemed to back up his contention when police revealed that he had blown a 0.0 BAC (blood alcohol content) on a breathalyzer.

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