Pastor arrested for not reporting cop’s alleged child sex abuse

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A Memphis TV station recently reported that a pastor has been arrested for failing to notify law enforcement officials of potential child sex abuse by a sheriff’s deputy.

The 51-year-old Alabama pastor is charged with violating a mandatory reporting law which requires pastors to notify the police or the state Department of Human Resources when he believes or suspects that a child sex crime has occurred.

The Huntsville pastor revolves around allegations against a former Madison County Sheriff’s deputy who was arrested last month on two counts of first-degree sexual abuse. The 63-year-old former deputy is accused of sexually abusing a 12-year-old family member, according to reports.

According to officials, the girl reported the alleged abuse to the senior pastor at Southside Baptist Church back in March of this year. He apparently did not report her allegations to authorities.

The former sheriff’s investigator, a 10-year veteran of the department, is the third member of his family to be charged with child sex abuse, the Memphis station said. His brother was once arrested for a sex crime, but the charge was dropped. And the former deputy’s son is currently serving a life sentence for committing a sex crime against a five-year-old girl.  

It should be noted here that the son’s crime and conviction are separate from the allegations against the father. The son’s guilt does not mean that the father is guilty.  

There was no information in the station’s article about the pastor’s side of the story.

He will have the opportunity to share that perspective when he and his criminal defense attorney appear in court.