Former Tennessee teacher accused of sexual battery

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A former Tennessee teacher has been arrested in California and has been accused of having sexual contact with an underage student. The charge revolves around allegations that the 25-year-old teacher was involved in Nashville with a then-14-year-old.

The teacher will apparently be returned to Tennessee to face the sex crime allegation, a news report stated.

The allegations are also related to the $3 million federal lawsuit recently filed in Nashville by parents of a girl at Maplewood High School. They allege that a teacher had sexual contact with their daughter for much of the 2015-16 school year.

According to an article in The Tennessean, the principal at the school spoke with the parents in his office after rumors and allegations surfaced at the school. He reportedly told the parents that their daughter “was not innocent” in the matter.

The girl apparently suffered taunts and threats after the teacher resigned in April of last year and moved to Fresno, California.

A spokesperson for the Fresno school system confirmed to the newspaper that one of their teachers had been arrested and had been placed on paid administrative leave. It is not clear from the article if the teacher will be extradited to Tennessee. 

Anyone in similar circumstances understands immediately that their freedom and career are both at risk. That is why a suspect should decline to speak to a prosecutor until they have had the chance to sit down and discuss the evidence and charges with an attorney experienced in sex crime defense.