U of Tennessee player arrested on domestic violence charge

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For most Memphis fans of the University of Tennessee football team, the approximately 400-mile drive to attend a home game in Knoxville is too far and takes too long. But for the truly devoted Volunteer fans, it seems that it’s a pilgrimage that they must undertake at least once per season.

Fans were undoubtedly dismayed by the recent news that defensive lineman Ryan Thaxton was suspended following his arrest on domestic assault and false imprisonment charges. According to news articles, the second-year player is accused of assaulting his girlfriend.

A Tennessee football spokesperson said, “We are aware of the incident.” The spokesperson added that Thaxton “has been suspended from all team activities while law enforcement and the university investigates.”

A Knoxville news outlet said Thaxton is accused of pushing his girlfriend toward his dorm after she refused to accompany him there. He then allegedly carried her into the room. They argued there, it says in online court records, and blocked the door when she tried to leave.

He was arrested by officers from the University of Tennessee Police Department and booked by the Knox County Sheriff’s Office. He spent about nine hours in custody until he posted $1,500 bond.

As you know, when a spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, relative or family friend is accused of domestic violence, police are going to make an arrest. The damage to the accused can be significant: jail time, substantial fines, a tarnished reputation and future difficulties with employment.

If you’ve been arrested, contact a skilled attorney experienced in domestic violence defense.