Tennessee man facing child abuse and drug charges

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As regular readers of our Memphis criminal defense blog know, we use this space to try to bring to light incidents and issues from across Tennessee that can be interesting to people here in the city.

We read recently a newspaper account of a law enforcement investigation into an unwanted intruder that resulted in the arrest of a man on child abuse allegations and drug charges at the opposite end of the state.

According to Cocke County sheriff’s deputies, they were sent to a Newport residence regarding unwanted visitors at about 1 a.m. Cocke County is approximately 450 miles east of Memphis.

When deputies arrived, they came across a 24-year-old man. They said they began talking to him, but soon noticed a small plastic bag on the ground that appeared to contain methamphetamine. The man apparently stepped on the bag and then tried to kick it under a car.

He was arrested. When deputies searched the vehicle, they discovered a two-year-old child asleep in the backseat. They also found a make-up bag that contained six more baggies that held what appeared to be meth. They also found marijuana, needles, scales and some empty baggies.

After searching the suspect, they said they found on him 2.7 grams of marijuana.

He has been charged with child abuse/neglect, possession of schedule IV substances, possession of drug paraphernalia, driving while his license was revoked, driving while in possession of meth and tampering with evidence.

If you or a loved one faces child abuse allegations or drug charges, speak to a skilled attorney experienced in criminal defense before speaking to a prosecutor.