Tennessee men suspected in armed robberies

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While Memphis has a musical tradition as celebrated and proud as any city in the U.S., we have some obvious Tennessee competition in Nashville. Nearby Hendersonville is also a music city to be reckoned with; renowned musical artists of the past – Johnny Cash and Conway Twitty – and artists of today – Taylor Swift and Kelly Clarkson – have called the Nashville suburb home.

Two men currently in jail in Hendersonville are singing the blues, however, after their arrests on armed robbery charges.

The men are behind bars in Sumner County Jail are suspects in a string of auto burglaries and robberies, law enforcement officials said.

Police in Belle Meade, a small town about 20 miles southwest of Hendersonville, said their department used a high-tech camera to spot the men. The city of about 3,000 residents has license plate recognition cameras positioned along its major roadways, a news report stated.

A Belle Meade detective noticed the suspects’ vehicle and noticed that it appeared to be following a second vehicle to a bank. After the woman parked her vehicle, the men approached her. Her dog began to bark and she then pushed the panic button on her vehicle. The men left the scene.

The detective later interviewed one of the suspects, who the officer claimed had admitted that the pair planned to rob the woman.

Ten minutes after the encounter with the woman, the men allegedly attempted to rob a family nearby.

Two days later, they were taken into custody while allegedly burglarizing parked vehicles. A search of their car turned up illegal drugs and a firearm, police said.

The pair is also suspected in an armed robbery in which two men wearing masks used a gun to take money from several people.

Before speaking with investigators, people in similar circumstances should discuss their legal options with a criminal defense attorney.