Former Memphis Tiger faces domestic violence allegations

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2019 | Domestic Violence

Not many fans of the Memphis Tigers basketball team have forgotten the success of the 2008 edition. The Tigers featured Derrick Rose, Chris Douglas-Roberts, Joey Dorsey and power forward Robert Dozier. The Tigers battled their way all the way to the 2008 NCAA championship game, though the team eventually succumbed to Kansas in overtime, 75–68. Dozier’s 10 rebounds led the team.

The former star was recently arrested on domestic violence charges, however, according to Memphis news reports.

Police officers were called to a Joanne St. home at around 8 p.m. on a recent weeknight after Dozier and a woman had apparently been in an argument. The pair were arguing about an incident that had occurred a day earlier, WLMT reported.

The woman told the responding officers that Dozier had pulled her hair, pushed her onto a bed and grabbed her throat. She said he had also struck her several times on her face and body.

According to the news report, she then drove to a nearby hospital, where she received treatment for both a dislocated shoulder and a dislocated finger.

The next day, Memphis police officers issued a warrant for Dozier’s arrest and he was later arrested on the domestic violence charge.

The 6′ 9″ forward is currently playing for San-en NeoPhoenix, a Japanese pro team.

Those who face allegations of domestic violence should decline to speak to investigators until after they have talked over the evidence and charges with a skilled criminal defense attorney devoted to protecting rights and freedom.