Tennessee police seize pounds of meth and heroin, arrest two

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If you drive about 400 miles east of Memphis, you will arrive in Athens, Tennessee. The town of about 13,000 residents was recently the site of a law enforcement raid on a home that authorities believed was used to make illegal drug sales.

Two people in the home were arrested on drug charges, local law enforcement said. About $21,000 in drugs were seized after officers served a search warrant.

The town’s police chief afterwards released a statement advising drug dealers to “find another line of work.”

Law enforcement officers said that after they entered the home, they found three adults and a five-week-old baby inside. Officers also said they found “approximately three pounds of suspected methamphetamine and approximately one-half pound of suspected heroin.”

Officials took possession of the meth and heroin. The Tennessee Department of Children Services was then called and workers from the agency took custody of the child.

A man was taken into custody as well and charged with sale and delivery of a Schedule II drug (methamphetamine). A woman in the house was arrested on the same charge, though she also faces allegations that that she sold and delivered a Schedule I drug (heroin). In addition, she was charged with child endangerment.

The punishments possible in the two cases include significant incarceration and fines for both defendants. It is also possible that the woman will lose custody of her young child, of course.

People in similar situations protect themselves best when they decline to speak to investigators and prosecutors until after they have spoken with an attorney experienced in drug defense.