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Optometrist arrested in alleged pot-growing operation

If you drive southeast of Memphis for a couple of hours, you will come to Colbert County. The sparsely populated Alabama county is home to a 36-year-old woman who was recently arrested by Tennessee officials in connection with a marijuana-growing operation.

Tennessee man named Tupac Shakur arrested for meth possession

He has sold more than 75 million recordings worldwide. He’s in the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame, has starred in feature films and been hailed as a groundbreaking musical artist. But Tupac Shakur was gunned down more than 20 years ago, so it was a little strange to see recent news reports that the iconic rapper – or someone bearing his name – had been arrested in Tennessee on drug charges.

DEA: 155 arrested in Tennessee on federal drug trafficking charges

Crystal methamphetamine typically looks like pieces of glass or blue-white rocks. The addictive stimulant was at the heart of a recent federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) enforcement action dubbed “Operation Crystal Mountain.”

Tennessee “Rock Doc” faces drug-trafficking allegations

It takes a little over an hour to drive northeast of Memphis to Jackson, Tennessee. The blue-collar city of about 65,000 isn’t the home of famous movie or music stars, but law enforcement officials say a Jackson nurse practitioner who dressed like a rock star and tried to launch a reality TV series about himself was more than a colorful local character.

Tennessee cop fired for lying is now accused of excessive force

It happens every day: people see a news report about an arrest and automatically assume that the accused is guilty. In reality, police officers are human beings, too. They sometimes make mistakes, and in the worst cases, are sometimes dishonest and even violent when making arrests.

Operation Spring Cleaning results in hundreds of Memphis arrests

The Memphis Police Department recently announced that it had completed a six-week “proactive enforcement detail” in the city. Dubbed “Operation Spring Cleaning,” it focused on three particular types of illegal activities, MPD said: possession of illegal drugs, illegal possession of firearms and violent crimes.

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation makes drug, weapons arrests

If you drive east of Memphis for about three hours, you will find yourself in sparsely populated Hardin County. Though less than 30,000 people live in the rural area, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and other law enforcement agencies conducted an operation in which 28 people were arrested on drug and weapons charges.

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