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Tennessee couple facing meth, weed possession charges

On the far side of Tennessee sits Morristown, a modest city of about 30,000 residents. Of course, no matter what size the city or where it is situated within the state’s borders, people arrested on drug charges there are subject to the same harsh punishments if convicted.

Police: Ringing phone leads to more drug arrests

It takes about three hours to drive northeast of Memphis to Weakley County. A few days ago, investigators from the county sheriff’s department executed a search warrant there and seized more than a half of an ounce of crystal methamphetamine, along with meth pipes, digital scales and a loaded rifle.

Memphis woman says twin was arrested on drug charges, not her

A long time ago, there was a sitcom called “The Patty Duke Show” in which two cousins were mirror images of each other. The rambunctious identical cousin got into mischief and tried to wriggle out of trouble by blaming her soft-spoken twin. Two Memphis sisters might be living a reenactment of sorts of the ‘60s sitcom.

Memphis police: hundreds arrested on drugs and weapons charges

Early this week, a handful of uninformed leaders of the Memphis Police Department stood around a podium with a large display of confiscated firearms before them as they announced the results of Operation Summer Heat II. The eight-week crackdown began June 9 and wrapped up early this month.

Memphis news report: Methamphetamine revival underway

A Memphis news report begins with a dramatic pronouncement: “Meth is back.” According to Fox 13, a resurgence in methamphetamine sales and use is being fueled by “super meth labs” in Mexico. The product is cheaper and more dangerous than it was in the past and it’s starting to show up in communities across the nation.

Was a Tennessee man arrested for possession of a legal substance?

Is Kratom a herbal supplement that boosts energy and alleviates pain or is it a dangerous and illegal drug that can mimic opioids? There are people on both sides of the debate in Tennessee, though a criminal defense attorney for a man arrested for Kratom possession about 4 hours northeast of Memphis says the bust was “unreasonable, unfair . . . (and) un-American, really.”

With no end in sight, the “war on drugs” continues to rage

The so-called "war on drugs" was declared 47 years ago by President Richard Nixon, and there is still no end in sight. Last year, the federal government spent $27.5 billion in the ongoing battle with announcements from the president and attorney general that stiffer sentences are needed for drug violations – even including the death penalty in certain circumstances.

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