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Experienced Representation For Your Child Custody And Visitation Goals During Divorce

Child access issues can be the red flag question during a contentious divorce. No matter how much money or property is involved, divorcing spouses’ disagreements over child custody can dramatically delay an outcome — or send the dispute to a courtroom, for decisions by a judge.

In Memphis and surrounding counties, the skillful family law attorney who is uniquely qualified to represent you is Jack P. Sherman.

Jack P. Sherman established his law office almost 17 years ago to serve the urgent legal needs of people just like you, with families just like yours. He excels as both negotiator of favorable results and aggressive litigator before judge and jury, on your behalf.

Experienced Memphis, TN, Child Custody And Visitation Rights Lawyer Jack P. Sherman

Mr. Sherman‘s knowledgeable divorce and family law firm provides guidance to determine:

  • Sole, joint, legal or physical custody of a child or children
  • Visitation schedules for parenting time
  • Post-judgment modifications of custody and visitation, made necessary by parental relocation out of state
  • Court-ordered enforcements of child access obligations that have not been lived up to
  • Opportunities for unmarried parents to agree on visitation arrangements, and share prominent roles in a child’s upbringing

Are you a biological father who wants to be closer to your child? Are you willing to establish paternity and pay child support in order to assume that greater role? Our full-service family law firm is fully prepared to advocate for your goal of parental rights.

For any contingency covered by family law, regardless of your issue or objective, Jack P. Sherman combines attentive personal service with his proven legal expertise. You receive frequent updates on the status of your case, honest answers to your questions and comfort for whatever concerns you. In every case he handles, his goal is the justice you deserve.

Contact our skilled, compassionate attorney to schedule a free initial consultation. Call today — 901-646-4270. Your email message will be responded to promptly.